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Snow dragon by hontor Snow dragon :iconhontor:hontor 1,939 67 ANANHTURN - silver and amethyst by LUNARIEEN ANANHTURN - silver and amethyst :iconlunarieen:LUNARIEEN 1,093 33 Cherry Blizzard by Kandroid96 Cherry Blizzard :iconkandroid96:Kandroid96 124 30 Coffee Table by AbandonedZone Coffee Table :iconabandonedzone:AbandonedZone 294 11
For Formel
in the downpour
a thousand umbrellas
:iconsomnomollior:somnomollior 8 36
Featured haiku from Category 4
Featured haiku from category 4 ACTIVITIES are as follow:
game changer -
one pawn,
one move
side by side
two pensioners
rev their scooters
dusty horse
my hand on your neck
brings out the shine
sleepy afternoon-
after curry
plum wine.
THANK YOU to all our participants!
please look into the haiku club's gallery folder for an (almost) complete collection of the sets submitted in this haikuwrimo:…
and the haijin who have submitted so far ^__^
:iconthe-haiku-club:the-haiku-club 3 11
Quirky by Formel Quirky :iconformel:Formel 4 0
Haiku - 4
dragging the stubborn dog -
leaves pile high
in front of him
:icontimeflies:TimeFlies 2 9
Haikuwrimo - August 2013
office desk
a sunbeam tracks
across the clock
ripening wheat
listening to skylarks
and airliners
rainbow's arc
the wilted garden
perks up
in the glasses hinge
a grey hair
in the silence
of the coffee shop
tapping smartphones
sunset colours
not worried
about wet grass
the merlin
disappears in a puff
of pigeon
wailing alarms
in the car park
red faced chefs
riding school horse
the carrot vanishes
from my hand
from the lounger
sunbathing dragonflies
on jasmine
bathroom songs
outside, the frog chorus
tonight's forecast
meteorite showers
and thick cloud
on the village green
one, two, tai chi
off to work
the fox asleep
in the sun
halfway between
office and lunch
- rain
riding lesson
whose grey hair
on the shirt?
roaring joyfully
the ancient biplane
leaps skyward
creaking windmill
sparrows erupt
from the barley
drifting thistledown
a straggle of seagulls
blows eastwards
evening stroll
the sweet taste
of stolen plums
flying ants
how did you bite
right there?
riding, she said
:iconbogbrush:Bogbrush 9 31
2013 August Haikuwrimo
My birthday.
Unwrap a new journal,
all blank pages.
white moth flirting
with the chicory flower
August afternoon,
even my cactus
seems wilted.
the beguiling smell
of farmer's market peaches
summer evening,
the cat lolls
in the tall grass
wild roses
lean over the fence
to chat
last August snow
clinging to the shadow
of the mountain side
A sparrow slices through
the cliff's updraft.
bleached ground--
a lodgepole pine skeleton
still standing
A one ton bison huffs,
but ignores the tourists.
The river beats and rushes
over the boulders.
The chipmunks chatter;
they can't stand
awkward silence.
summer afternoon
two cats
in a lazy competition.
the frog jumps,
I jump.
through the grass,
the garden snake
the bee rests
in the shade of the petal
solemn Sunday--
school starts
the little girl listens
to the cricket chorus
holding up paint chips;
the search for sky blue.
the ant follows
:iconzippip:zippip 6 24
2013 August Haiku Wrimo
tillträde förbjudet!
kan inte läsa
no entrance!
the sparrows are
mörkret föll
över vinden
i träden
darkness fell
over the wind
in the trees
till och med gräset
är brunbränt
sun rain
even the grass
kommer och går
med sefyren
come and go
with the zephyr
under mörka moln
melon rind
under dark clouds
fake grass
the soccer player
faking too
jag glömde fylla
rain shower
I forgot to fill
the watering can
:icondjoseph:Djoseph 4 16
Haikuwrimo August 2013
gris tras de azul
tras de gris azul
tras de gris
(grey after blue
after grey blue
after grey)
the wind rises
it gives back my memory
Me sorprende
la casa abandonada.
Una cigarra.
(The abandoned house startles me.
chuckling river
and morning light salute
the town for her day
Dragón y águila
preparan su batalla.
Vientos de agosto.
(Dragon and eagle
prepare to battle.
August winds.)
alone and cold
summertime sadness
:iconherulor:herulor 3 2
2013 August Haiku Wrimo - cherish the summer
short story -
moth caught in claws
of true sadist
gulls dive with the drift
white contrails on blue
hooded crow pair
takes a drink
- reflection
fruit flies swarm
fallen plums
sweet smell of decay
beached like
fresh, boiled crabs
no sunscreen
cat slumbers
queen of unmade beds
heavenly shower
to cricket symphony
empty nest
sparrows gather
new tenants
autumn near
zuccini persists
bearing load
heat wave
four o'clock flowers
leaning long shadows
on the walk
dandelion fluff
listlessly floats
in the heat
lost in the corn field
white sails
willows kiss the lake
pier at dusk
fountain grass
glowing in the gloom
green eyes
dried out
melon flowers
failed promises
on water-lillies
takes flight
camp fire
summer's last moments
friends gather
:iconformel:Formel 6 13
HaikuWriMo August 2013
1. Winter Sun
red blood sunrise
reflects onto fallen
snow -- newly spilled.
2. In the Breeze
wind rustles
the clean cut grass
like your hair.
3. Thunder Storms
your skin smells
of rain; nostalgia
and tangled hair.
4. Beautiful Scars
create empty ravines
on my unblemished skin.
5. Rainbow Skies
your tears are
rainbows dripping
from the sky.
6. Spring Fins
little koi dart
through clear water like
hummingbirds in spring.
7. Wallflower
a rose bloom
sits perfectly still
in your iris.
8. Unfocused
water droplets
spill onto leaves.
unfocused galaxies.
9. In Between the Pages
i took your heart
and bottled it up;
pressed flowers.
10. Desert Paintings
a canvas sunset
falls onto painted
brush landscapes.
11. Crying Skies
lightning streaks
across purple skies;
plunging tear drops.
12. Melting
silk feathers
land on the cement
like melted snow.
13. Faulty Architecture
sand castles crumble
while the win
:iconlion-essrampant:lion-essrampant 34 99
2013 August Haikuwrimo
four blossoms fall
in reverse –
dancing butterflies
on the terrace
a dead pigeon...
we suspect fowl play
playing badminton
a butterfly
chases the shuttlecock
side by side
two pensioners
rev their scooters
empty field
the last strands of barley
in the wind
in the garden
flying dirt
and a dog’s bottom
morning alarm –
the screeching of a red kite
sunset on the pier
swallows dance away the day
a tiny wasps’ nest
old memories
swept away
swifts chasing
clouds chasing
high noon
heads of barley bow low
in next door’s garden
two fat birds
in full bloom –
a bee on every stem
afternoon walk
two dachshunds
dash around
dawn mist
over the hill
a crow clears its throat
in the tall grass a cacophony of crickets
enjoying doughnuts
on the pier
thieving seagulls!
among the reeds
flashes of electric blue –
dancing damselflies
a new d
:iconthe-beastie:the-beastie 7 38
HaikuWriMo August 2013
1. Pond Water
Orange scales
against a shadowed sky;
autumn's koi leaves.
2. Autumn Settling
A spiderweb stretches
across shivering branches--
a tree's last scarf.
3. Forest's Canopy
On rusting leaves
the season's last ladybug
opens her wings.
4. Scarab Clouds
A flash of curve--
beetle-back clouds
crowding out a harvest moon.
5. Hunkering Pines
Grandfather pines hunker,
bowing to winter
as fall's embers fade.
6. Etched Promises
Etched into gnarled trees:
Spring's promise
to return again next year.
7. Dew Crystals
Late-season bloomer:
morning dew crystallized
on a shivering sunflower.
8. Blooming Flames
August blooming:
green leaves
rusting at the edges.
9. Vulture Leaves
Ruffled feathers:
a vulture
watches the leaves change.
10. Fog Breath
Morning sighs,
the mountains blurred
with fog.
11. Leaf Musk
September perfume:
the heavy musk
of brittle leaf embers.
12. Morning Grazing
A pastel sunrise
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 23 79

Newest Deviations

Illusion Delusion
in my imagination
steam rising
from an empty coffee cup
believing the cup
is full
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 2 0
Image by HaikuKitty Image :iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 1 0
A Few Short Poems
children dancing,
oh wait -
they're fighting
and now they're dancing
once again
what is it
about kittens
and butterflies?
a milestone day,
strangers hug me
on remembering
we have cookies to share,
my mind's like a razor
about stuff like that
a symphony of frogs
tell the flooded river,
"go down...
 go down...
 go down..."
it took a month
but it did
on Saturday night
an exploration of love
on Heaven's side of the door
a final dance -
mating butterflies
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 3 1
she gifts me
a piece of Fool's Gold -
"for luck"
Lima taxi driver,
roaring past
the despascio sign
a girl wearing
a t-shirt that says,
I'm a beautiful girl -
I smile
I think about
wearing a t-shirt that says,
I'm a beautiful woman -
I frown
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 2 0
Haikuwrimo August 2013
Day 33
watcher of beautiful forms -
the many worlds
of my kaleidoscope
Day 33
a joy in my life -
catching butterflies
trapped against the
mosquito netting
and setting them free
Day 33
game changer -
one pawn,
one move
Day 33
pleasure and joy
skipping, laughing, singing
always hand in hand
Day 33
out of the car window -
an arm holding
a wet shirt
Day 33
my life now -
at morning breakfast
a troop of monkeys
on the move in the trees
I ask kitty,
would you like a monkey?"
and I know
if I had a monkey
it would be,
would you like a kitty?"
Sunday Morning Day 33
at 4 am
the discoteque
turns it down
to a dull roar
Day 32
in my dreams -
a hot tater tot
dipped in cheese
I set it down
Day 31
a tour of the chakras...
free to Be,
free to Feel,
free to Do,
free to Love,
free to Express,
free to Perceive
and Understand
with Clarity,
Day 31
chronic pain -
a million little birds
pooping on life plans
Day 31
a white hair on the floor -
kitten's or mine?
Day 31
a swift,
catching r
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 46 52
Something’s terribly wrong. I know this place. I’ve been here before.
“Mom! Slow down, I need to tell you something!”
Windshield wipers beat frantically, squeaking out in protest as they push snowflakes the size of quarters out of their way.
My mom’s not listening to me. Her phone’s buzzing.
“Hold on, Libby. I need to answer this, in case it’s your father.”
“No mom, please don’t answer it.”
I’m starting to feel edgy and nervous.
I don’t like this one bit.
I’m fifteen years old, and I’m sounding whiny and demanding.
A ball of dread is boiling in my stomach.
Mom reaches into her purse, fishing for her phone.
I put my hands out to push her hand away, to stop her.
I talk louder and faster, “Mom! Let me answer it! Keep your eyes on the road. Please listen to me, this is important.”
But I’m too late.
And this is how I learn that events that change the course of your life really d
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 1
A Little Look into Everywhere
Sandmen in Santa hats
Bondi Beach,
Christmas Day
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 0
New York Spring Day
New York Spring Day
today, spring's first
cherry blossom petals
lie in the gutter
soon, cherry blossom
snow flurries -
an uncommon day
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 1 1
Respect is an old man now, but
Respect is an old man now, but this isn’t to say that he isn’t a productive member of society. He goes out into the cold and blows snow out of the Girl Next Door’s driveway, not because he is hoping to get a little something, but because he knows that she put in a ten hour day and he likes hanging out with Joy and Knowing, glad to give her a break so she can pull into her driveway and sit down for a much needed break.
Respect calls strangers Sir and Madam, and when he was a young man he never took it personally if they callously responded by called him Kiddo. He knows that sometimes people say things thoughtlessly, and that it really isn’t personal.
Respect paid for Homeless Man’s funeral when he died. He stood at the flag draped casket and saluted after the minister read the last rites. Respect was able to share stories about Homeless Man’s life with the minister, telling him about all the times that Gratitude, Being Present and Honor shared food an
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 2
in the negative space.........
in the negative space..................
tugging on the blanket -
self deception
versus me
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 0
The Waiting Times
The Waiting Times                                                    
journaling Mom's illness -
incomplete sentences
nothing left unsaid
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 3
      naked trees
     I holler out
"Put yer clothes back on!"
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 2
I am kissing Love -
I should write a poem
I just did
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 1
On noticing those little safety stickers on the backs of airplane seats....
some people pick at them
some people smooth them back on,
and I -
I have been guilty of both
:iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 0
Ripping Identity by HaikuKitty Ripping Identity :iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 0 0 8-1-11 2 by HaikuKitty 8-1-11 2 :iconhaikukitty:HaikuKitty 7 3



in my imagination
steam rising
from an empty coffee cup


believing the cup
is full


Loretta Lynn
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Current Residence: Here
Favourite style of art: haiku
Personal Quote: Just Do It!
I am at a cave, and I am just walking inside the gate to visit this important landmark in Buddhism, and a man comes up to me - very "friendly"
And he makes assumptions.

He begins to tell me the history of the caves without giving me a chance to speak.

And he is doing a good job of his explanations.

However, he is pushing me to move quickly from spot to spot to spot - never giving me a real chance to stand and connect with the Pali written on the walls, or the art work, or the feeling of being in the space, or the smells of the space, or to see the small details.

He is just rabbiting on, telling me this point, this point, this point rapidly.

He does not pause for a breath.
He does not give me a chance to ask questions.

And I am polite, I am respectful, I listen to him - even though I am having a hard time pulling out the words that he is saying, and I am only catching half of what he is saying because I have not had enough time to train my ear to the unique way he accents and pronounce English words, I can tell that he speaks many languages by the confused ways the syllables come out.

And at the end of it - he hands out his hand -
And I pull out of my pocket all I that I had
which was twenty rupees - and they were folded up - it look like I gave him only ten.

And he was offended - he crossed his arms, backed away from me exclaiming, "No! No! No!"

And I was so wrapped up in my politeness, in my respect for him, that I attempted to verbalize to him that it was all that I had.

And it was interesting, because when this happened, my regular guide pulled the money out of my hands and placed it forcefully into my unwanted guides tucked arms.

And I was confused - it all happened so quickly - what had just happened?

And I walked away. And the regular guide that I was with handed the man what looked like twenty rupees more when I turned away.
And it was interesting,

Because I was apologizing - feeling bad about not having more -

And my regular guide attempted to shut me down, saying, "It's okay, It's okay," before I fully had a chance to verbalize that I did not understand what had just happened.

And it was interesting, because now that I have had time to reflect on this, I did not feel that the man who approached me and began guiding me without

A. Being invited to.

B. Asking me if I was interested in having a guide


C. Stopping for a single moment to see if the service he was providing me with met my needs.

I did not feel that he was being polite nor respectful.

And yet, I felt stuck on some kind of programming,

I was in the programming of being polite, and respectful and kind - even as I could see that he had an agenda - which created an experience where I was going along with the flow of an experience -

even as it was not a flow of experience I wanted to have happen.

And it was interesting, how he reacted when I gave him what he deemed too little money in compensation for his service.

His service I did not want.

And yet I had an obligatory sense of politeness and respect and perhaps a story in me of seeing the humanity in him,
which kept me in this experience that left me shamed and embarrassed when he rejected all that I had to give him.

I am now seeing how this happens often in my life.

How to be kind as I bow out of these kinds of interactions?


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